About Us   


S&J Products Co., Ltd. was established on January 24. 1994, as a manufacturing firm of agricultural goods in the North Region of Thailand, peaceful Lamphun province.

We have committed to providing a safe, excellent quality product and source of proper nutrition to accommodate the customer’s demand.

Our core aim is to enhance the standard of products to maximize customer satisfaction by offering the best quality and goods safety for all family members and your loved ones.

Vision & Mission
We will strive to produce products with quality standards, safety, satisfying consumers, ecological and constant improvement.


Why Choose Us
What makes S&J unique?

Our Products are made from high-quality, locally sourced raw materials and meticulously manufactured. We pay attention to quality control and cleanliness as crucial by international standards.

We have been providing our products to household, restaurants, hotel, and food manufacturer customers for over 30 years

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