Our Story   

S&J Products Co., Ltd was founded by Mr. Somkiat Ovararin and Ms. Jaruwan Totrakul after they identified a business opportunity in the production and processing of coconut jelly in syrup. For sale in Thailand under the "Vauntip" brand, and export to Japan on behalf of "S&J".

When the rhythm of life and greater opportunities showed up, S&J Product Co., Ltd. registered as a commercial business on January 24, 1994. For processing and exporting at house no. 495/1, Pa Sang-Li Road, Pa Sang District, Lamphun Province, Thailand.

Simultaneously, S&J started a trading business, supplying processed agricultural products such as pickled garlic to food manufacturing industries for export overseas.

We are aware of the significance and quality of raw materials in fulfilling the demand of food manufacturers at competitive prices with international standard quality.

Lamphun's agricultural products, such as garlic, were then being processed pickled garlic under the S&J label. And we have slowly decreased the processing of the coconut jelly in syrup and eventually changed hands.

The Golden Age of Dried Longan.

Longan is a well-known product of Lamphun province that is processed in a variety of ways.

S&J sees dried longan production as a prime opportunity. As a result, dried Longan whole fruit has been processed for distribution in the People's Republic of China and golden dried longan has been processed for distribution in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia since that time.

Our sodium hydrosulfite-free pickled garlic products are well received by the food industry, propelling S&J to the position of Thailand's largest pickled garlic manufacturer.

Furthermore, to meet the growing demand for chili peppers in the food industry, S&J, which has a strong and specialized network of chili farmers in North Thailand, processes chili peppers to supply both domestic & global food industries.

S&J is well-known in the food industry, both domestically and globally with the strength of global quality standards, competitive prices, and quantities that can meet the needs of food factories all year round.

Pickled plums, pickled cucumbers, and pickled carrots have been added to the pickled product production plan to diversify the products and meet the needs of customers.

Our industrial products have passed the GMP and HACCP international standards, demonstrating our commitment to producing safe, high-quality products at reasonable prices.

S&J has added a production line for industrial herbs and spice powder such as garlic powder, chili powder, kaffir lime leaf powder, lemongrass powder, and so on.

“Our Chili, Our Pride”

Pickled chili and pickled garlic are the main processed products that S&J produces for industrial groups both domestically and internationally.

We are a manufacturer of processed products and a supplier of industrial products as a trader to small and large factories in Thailand. As well as exports to Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, Canada, and the United States, including Pickled products, Herbal powder, Spice powder, Dried herb, sauce, etc.

We have recently expanded our production line of processed products in smaller packages to better serve consumers in restaurants, hotels, and small-scale manufacturers. Which are marketed as S&J, Spice's Secret, and Sauster.

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