Our Factory   

We specialize in processed products made from raw materials such as
chile, garlic, cucumber, plum, longan, tamarind, spices, and herbs,
which are used to make sauces and condiments.

We pay attention to and are precise in every production step using selected fresh,
clean, and high-quality raw materials.

The more Income distribution, The more sustainability
We admire and appreciate local workers, so we focus on job opportunities that allow you to build a career while also purchasing produce from farmers at a reasonable price.

Employees and experts who are eager to grow with us
We currently have a raw material processing capacity of 10-20 tons per day = 3,650-7,300 tons per year. From the collaboration of staff and an expert research and development team, which are important manufacturing participants and have constantly improved skills.

For over 30 years
We have been manufacturing processed products for the global market. We manufacture processed agricultural products for domestic food manufacturing industries and have expanded to Asia, Australia, and North America.

International Quality Control and Production Standards
FDA, GMP, HACCP, and Halal Certificate


We take pride in being a supplier and providing 
high-quality products at reasonable prices
to consumers


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