Seedless Pickled Plum


Brand : S&J


Seedless Pickled Plum

Seedless Plum
Taste :
Seedless Plum

Acetic Acid , Salt

  • GMO-Free
  • No preservative added
  • No artificial color added

How to use : As a major ingredient of various food, sauce and beverage products
Ingredient : Seedless Plum, Salt, Acetic Acid, Water
Taste :  Sour & Salty
Aroma : Fragrance of pickled plum
Color : Yellowish - Brown
Storage : Ambient temperature , avoid sunlight & heat
Shelf life : 6-12 months

Packing weight :

  • Drained weight xx , Net weight 1 kg /bag
  • Drained weight xx , Net weight 5 kg /Plastic Pail
  • Drained weight 10-12 kg , Net weight 20 kg /Plastic Pail (Industrial Product)
  • Drained weight 220-240 kg , Net weight xx kg /Plastic Pail (Industrial Product)
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